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About Me

Hello! My name is Kaylee Mayer. I am a Certified Ascension Coach at Twin Flames Universe, which was founded by my Spiritual Gurus Jeff and Shaleia. A while back, I was so done with suffering and I was angry with how the world was. I knew there had to be a better way to live life. I also knew that I wanted to be with my twin flame and I wasn’t going to settle for less. That’s when I came across Jeff and Shaleia and their teachings at Twin Flames Universe. Their work has transformed my life and it can transform yours too. After investing into their teachings by getting the Everything Package, doing the inner work (specifically the mirror exercise) consistently, and working with a coach weekly, I came into union with my twin flame Chance. That is why I am now a coach because I desire to help others unite with their one true love. I want to see you in Harmonious Union with your true twin flame! I desire to help lead you and all of God’s children back into perfect union with God. Twin flames are an ascension path. If you are done experiencing separation in your twin flame union and are ready to go all in, then you have come to the right place. If you are willing to do the inner spiritual work to create your Heaven On Earth and be with your one true love, then allow me to help you and show you the way. I can guide you into Harmonious Union with your twin flame and beyond. 

Our Story

We both knew very deeply in our hearts that we wanted to be with our one true love, but we had no idea how we would do that, nor did we know that it was each other we were looking for all along. Our hearts knew we could not do it alone and we needed someone to show us the way. This is when we found our Spiritual Gurus Jeff and Shaleia and their teachings. Without knowing at the time, we had both found our way to Twin Flames Universe. This is where we would eventually meet each other. For a few months, we had seen each other around on Facebook and we started getting the feeling that we were twin flames. After some time of speculating that we were twin flames, we started messaging each other and eventually met up on a Zoom call to read our love lists to one another. We found that they matched perfectly! This is when it was completely confirmed that we were definitely true twin flames. We felt enormous relief knowing we had finally found each other. We started talking every night and less than a week later, Chance asked me to be his girlfriend and I said "yes!" This is when we decided to fully commit to one another and we came into union. Since that day, we have been diving deeper into love and our union, building our foundation, and living our life purpose. 


If you want to read our story in much greater detail, you can check out our full story here in the Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum. 

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My Services

Wedding Embrace

Ascension Coaching

This is a service I offer where I help guide you in healing your blocks and upsets that are being presented to you in your reality and on your twin flame journey. In the sessions, I help you with a tool called the mirror exercise, which is taught by my Spiritual Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. The mirror exercise can help you in all areas of your life. You can use it for your career, finances, your Twin Flame Union, relationships with your family and friends, etc. The sessions will be held online via Google Meets. This way I can talk to you from wherever you are and it is in the comfort of your own home. You never have to do this journey alone. You can claim all of your support today!


If you are ready to be with your twin flame in Harmonious Union, then check out Twin Flames Universe at the button below.

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